Friday, April 23, 2010

Economic Re-seekCovery

There is one person who reads this blog and he's a Kool-Aid drinking leftist, and quite possibly one of the smartest person I know, so maybe he can help me out with this. What the fuck is going on with our economy?

I could go through what both sides (not political sides, economic schools of thought) are saying, but lets just boil this down in my mind to the two most important questions I have.

First - If the economy is recovering and you've brought us back from the brink of the edge, why oh why is the interest rate still at zero? Since you can't have a negative interest rate it would seem that if anything else happen our backs are a little against the wall being at the lowest rate already.

Second - Why does no one but the institution, Federal Reserve, have any oversight over the finacial actions of said bank? Shouldn't we the people have an idea who is getting our money, when, how much, and why? I hear from Washington the word Accountablility, but have noticed a real lack coming from them.

It seems to reason that anyone who takes a particular stance on anything now a days without demanding full disclosure a complete moron. Health Care Mandate(*) should be one of the most troubling events in my lifetime, but it pales in comparison to the Bail Outs, Wars we're in, and US citizens turning into sheeple by proxy.

(*)Words are very important, especially in a day when the incorrect ones can be passed with even the veilest of excuse draped over them and the public accepting them. When a noun requires, another important word, you to purchase a noun by way of taxation and/or retribution judicial procedure, it ceases to be a reform and starts becoming a fucking mandate. Or obligation. Or command. Or order. Or if you're a redneck, some'in you have to do.

Guide me Obi Wan, this shit is driving me nuts.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My drug of choice is the written word.

Mastery of any art is the only true form of immortality one can aspire. Of all the forms of art which would be considered the most difficult to achieve, the Shiner Bock of beers if you will. (Yeah that's right I crowned Shiner Bock as the best beer ever, and for anyone who has seen my facebook page it's made from Jesus's tears. Hint's the "Holy hell this is good!" when Bock virgins first sample the divine nectar.) As you can deduce from the title I'm a proponent of literature, and think strong arguments can me made for the master of the quill against the rest.

I was going to add more, but this being my first post in some time I don't want to push to hard. It's like cleaning out your pipes, you need to take it slow or you might pull something.

By the way I thought this was a great work, 50 points to who ever can guess the subject.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Small town Wisheck ND playing big city polictical douche baggerary

Read an article yesterday about a small town in ND that wants one of it's citizen to take down a wind turbine in his back yard. They say it's because he's in violation of zoning laws.,2933,579968,00.html (I know it's FoxNews, just read it.)

Now I know there are people out there are completely by the book and think he broke the law. If that's you, you're a douche and are most likely a member of your locate home owners association.

So I take it upon myself to post a note on the city's website guest book, which is somewhat surprising since I'm not one for causes, with a light note saying they should leave the guy alone. When I view the other posts there where three more saying more or less the same thing. This morning I thought I'd look to see if there were any more, curious to see how many there were today. Guess what I found. Whoever is in charge of the website had erased all the entry's in support of leaving the wind turbine up.

Obvious the next step in Righting the Wrongs of Man is bombard the cite with entries until they cave. Fight the man, and save the turbine.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Job Progression

Well I'm back, too much bullshit going on in the world for me not to either bang my head into the wall or rant on this happy medium.

Today's topic is on Miss California, the head moron of the almost crowned. Really all I care about is the 'media' stop talking about this broad, but since it doesn't seem like that will happen anytime soon here's my take.

Ok so what happen, Miss California was asked a question and she told the judges her honest opinion. Done, over, consider yourself holding the silver. Her mistake was thinking anyone really gave a shit about what she really thinks. I don't say this because she in a beauty contest, but because she completely disregarded her target audience, the judges. One of the judges is a well known pillow bitter, who is not shy about letting you know about his views.

Let's put it in situation we've all been in, a job interview. So you're interviewing with the owner who's office has an extreme elmer fudd motif, stuffed heads on the wall. Now you are a card carrying member of PETA, and own three cats, two dogs, and a partridge in a vegan pear tree. Unfortunately you need a job, and this would really get you out of a tough spot. What do you do? Tell him you think all animals have souls, and shouldn't be murdered, all while smiling and looking innocent.

Fuck No, you smile your ass off and tell him how tasty Bambi most have been. You look at your surroundings and kiss the ass of the person you want something from.

Now on the other hand she could be brilliant if she knew what she was doing and planned the whole thing. Very Bushesique.

That is all.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Bi-polar no, Bi-cycler absolutely!!

Returning soldiers coming home from theatre are allowed to blow some of their deployment moneys on a ridiculously expensive item. This item must have a high probability of getting yourself killed on, and attract the kind of girl you'd meet at the free clinic. Most soldiers head straight to the BMW store, or Yamaha crotch rocket mart depending on geographical location.

This is what I've decided on.

I know the second caveat was it had to bring the girls a runnin, but I will be wearing shorts that give me moose knuckles.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fostering foreign relations

First of all I would like all three people who read my blog to wander over to the Viceroy of Kuwait's blog The Battle of Essence vs. Existence and become loyal subjects. Since I am the Viceroy of Qatar you can all consider this a ordained order from god, with consequence for disobedience on a lever rarely seen.

As the Viceroy I feel it's my duty to extend foreign relations to country's that have been generous enough to allow our bases to squat on their territory. Of course we told them we would only inhabit a particular patch of real estate for a few years and give it back, but everyone involved knew the truth.

So in order to keep the pretense of mutual compromise I decided to play in the US/Qatar Volleyball games held at one of their sports complexes. What a jovial time we all had putting a team together three weeks before the tournament, practicing a few times and then showing up to find out they put their semi pro team into the military in order to play us. Again as Viceroy I understand the mental aspect of losing small battles in order to win large ones.

Our record over the course of the tournament is of no importance. Good times were had by all, and the seed of friendship was planted for generations to come.

One sour note of sedition was perpetrated on your beloved ambassador of fun during the last game. The opposing teams 'ringer', a mountain of a man who was at least 17 feet tall, spiked the ball into my face. Let me retell what I remember. I was in the back row playing defense when I saw the Qatar setter get under the ball and place it with a perfect arch four feet above the net. Next came a propeller like sound of an arm cutting through the air on it's way to make contact with the ball. The next thing I know I hear a loud explosion, followed by me questioning why the ceiling in my line of sight. A very important fact was that I hear the hit before I got knocked out, this tells me the ball didn't break the sound barrier, but I'm sure it was close.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fostering the masses to move

Tomorrow will mark the start of the 'revolution', the beginning of change for all those who've wished for it. The day all is set right and harmony will reign throughout the cosmos. Maybe, or it could just be another Friday.

No longer will I live in the here, live in the now. No, today is the day I release all that ones elders told us to achieve. De-evoloution is on the menu and I'm ordering it Biggie Sized. Mature they said, grow up and learn to become a man, be a productive member of society and make us proud. Nuts to that, life's to short and you only have one. (You know, until someone figures out which religion won and lets me know.)

My plan is to restore meaning while forgetting accountability. Practice efficiency without using the crouch of standards. Set no minimum or maximum, learn adjust, use practicalities except when they are needed most. To become an open book as opposed to an open manual, my 'how to operate' chapter shall be blank. The only rules that have any meaning are my own.

The art of the wordsmith completely escapes me. My higher plan is far below the curve, mostly because of a ridicules idea of enlightened reason. Could I even become a member of 'the middle' if I tried?